Monday, 23 May 2011

When there is work to be done, go buy fabric...

So that you have an incentive to finish your work and get sewing? No? Alright then.
I had a bit of a meh morning and ended up in Ditto.
I knew I needed some Jersey for some knit tops. (I saw someone last night wearing a sky blue drapey cowl neck on telly last night and I wanted one.)
Sadly they were all out of blue jersey. But I came home with 2m of plain Chartreuse,
1.50 of an orangey pinky brown print jersey in the remnants for £3ish and a yummy cotton interlock white jersey with lime spots and blue and purple flowers. I couldn't leave it!
I have various plans that change pretty much every minute in my head. I have to say Jersey in not my favorite thing to sew with but it is my favorite thing to wear. Sooo comfy!
The Brown Viscose Jersey will be a little top as there isn't much fabric to play with. I might be able to squeeze a little ruffle or something in to add interest but lets hope it doesn't shrink in the Pre-Wash. I was thinking of making it in Simplicity 6874. Which only requires one meter. I got this on the London Sew Weekly Meetup Pattern Swap! I'm so pleased its come in handy so quickly.
I own a Ponte knit Chartreuse cardigan and it is my favorite thing ever! But Its getting holes in! I have tracked down some Ponte but Ditto didn't have it in. So I went for another Viscose Jersey. I think it might still end up a cardigan but I might squeeze a plain top in as well.
I quite literally have no plans for this. I think I'm lacking in comfy tunic/dresses to wear with leggings but im not sure about a suitable pattern for this. Good news is it matches some of the stuff I've got going on already so perhaps a seperates game could be good on this too? A comfy little skirt and cute top that when together make a comfy dress? I will have a think.
I didn't get up to much sewing on the weekend. Just cut out my Raspberry Gingham shirtdress.
I was hoping to get stuck into the Beignet this week but I have an exam on Friday. So I should probably get stuck into that first...
I think I need another roundup post with moodboards so I can keep on track of this mad sewing frenzy.


  1. Ooh, yummy fabrics! :) Ugh, I have an exam on thursday and friday, I've been revising since last monday, and am none the wiser. lol Good luck on your exam! :)
    Ashley x

  2. ooooh! I'm chartreuse with envy! I've been searching far and wide for chartreuse fabric but so far, no luck! Fortunately, it's a hot color this season so I may luck out and find some this summer.


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