Sunday, 15 May 2011

Post 1.5...

Ok I may have lied about the two part thing!
Here are some of the lovely photos from yesterday! I didn't take any so I'm crediting the lovely ladies who have shared them on Sew Weekly!
Now you've seen it I may as well show you my outfit!
I planned to make a skirt and a top as I said before. I also tried to squeeze a cardi in but ran out of time. So here it is, granted it is a little creased after a day of such fun!
I gave up on the collar and sleeve idea in the end as both made it look outdated as I felt the fabric was. I know everyone loved it but I wasn't crazy about this fabric at all. I put in some navy petersham ribbon on the waistband of the skirt and I think it helped balance things out. I'm pleased that it looks like a dress when in this state but I'm also pleased at how the skirt and the top fit individually! The top fits fantastically I am definitely going to be making this pattern a few more times for Me Made June. (Apologies the facing is sticking out, this was taken at 10pm and I was not in a photo shoot kind of mood and didn't bother looking in the mirror
Thankyou to whoever took this picture I really love it!

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