Wednesday, 11 May 2011

More Fabric Musings and Presents...

I have been thinking too much again lately. I wasn't massively enthused by the Pippa set but at the moment both top and skirt have come out better than I'd planned. I am thinking of leaving off the collar completely at the moment. Its making a top that fits brilliantly look very early 1990s
Kind of like this monstrosity... I did think about cutting the long collar in half and making two flutter sleeves out of them, What do you think?
I won't post any photos of the outfit until saturday now. I'm sure there will be plenty of photos to share then.

So onto the fabric musings. Sometimes I think I do more thinking about sewing than I do actual sewing!
I don't think I can stay away from the fabric shop for more than a week. I went in yesterday and came out with some duck egg cotton and some deep purple. Thinking of tops I can run up quick for Me Made June.
I then thought about seeing what was in my stash plain cotton wise and what stuff I had that could be made into tops. Heres what I came up with.
I can see 9! tops in the making in this pile. I tried to stick to the plains in my stash but I brought out the ones that had been pre-planned for tops when I bought them.
Also the Kelly green at the back I wanted to make into a skirt so this is all hypothetical nonsenses really. I thought I'd just show you a few today and maybe a few later in the week. Don't forget I already have a long sewing queue...

Jane did a yummy blouse and skirt in the Duck egg cotton not long ago and I was thinking about buying the Colette Violet blouse to make it up in, Then thought about Simplicity 2601. Its cheap enough at £2.50 per metre to get enough to make both of them. But my sewing queue is getting kinda crowded at present.
Next I thought about the Minty Swiss dot I bought in Barcelona, I have been looking for a white version but alas nowhere seems to have it. Croftmill sold out super quick. For this I was thinking about the Violet Blouse. Cathe has done an amazing version in hot pink! I think this pattern could be made up in endless styles.
The deep purple fabric I wanted to use for another Market blouse, I fancied trying it out in a fabric that doesn't stretch so I wont have the same trouble with the front.
I have to say doing these mood boards has made planning SOOO much easier. I have been Printing them and pinning them up around my workspace so I know exactly whats on the agenda.
I also wanted to say thankyou to Liz for the goodies I won in her giveaway. I loved the fabric, the pattern and the handkerchief.
The silk is gorgeous! and guess what? Just enough for a top!


  1. hi Stevie - ebay seller Favourite Fabrics has some white swiss dot - I spotted it (pardon the pun), while browsing this weekend. x

  2. Hi Stevie, glad you had afab birthday! As ever so pleases your a girl that makes lists of thing to make, good luck in the restyle of that 80s number!

  3. I love looking at your mood boards Stevie! I'd forgotten that the duck egg cotton was so cheap, what a bargain! x


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