Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Post Birthday... Post

Morning! Apologies for not posting yesterday but it was my 21st! Pie maker took me on a suprise trip and didn't tell me where we were going until we were walking up to Kensington Palace and there in the Orangery... Were my PARENTS! They had travelled up and had all planned this without me knowing a single thing!!! We wandered around the gardens for a bit. I think the pink and orange and purple make it look like fizzy sweets!

We went to the Enchanted Princesses exhibition in Kensington Palace,

Then went to The Cult of Beauty exhibition I had been dying to see at the V&A

and topped it off with Afternoon Tea back at the Palace! I had the best day!

No sewing but hopefully I can get my Pippa set sorted by Friday.
Also today I'm Pattern Review's Featured Member! Horrahhh!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Stevie! Oh to be 21! Sounds like you had the perfect day, quite right. xxx

  2. Happy 21st! Afternoon teas are the BEST.

  3. Many happy returns!! Sounds like an amazing birthday! How wonderful that your parents were able to make it out to share the special day too :)

  4. Happiest of Days! It looks like you had a fantastic time :)

  5. Happy Birthday!! and what an amazing birthday treat! suprises, tea, sweets, palaces - hmmm a girl can't ask for anything else!


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