Tuesday, 28 June 2011


As you all well know, I am somewhat obsessed with any kind of sewing paraphernalia.
This week has been stressful and although I splurged a tiny bit on Saturday most of my fabrics were remnants or came from swapping. Virtuous no?
I thought I had been good and sold some stuff on ebay too. Until two emails popped up in my inbox. The new Sewaholic pattern? Called the Lonsdale dress, The sale at Clothkits?!?! This was bad I tell you. Especially as the Ebay stuff was planned to treat myself to just one Pendrell Blouse pattern for which I already had the fabric.
My friends I ended up buying all 3 Sewaholic patterns ( an offer plus free shipping! They practically typed my card no. in for me!) I was unsure about making the Crecent skirt but I had bought Amy Butler's Amarinth fabric and thought about using it for one.

Plus Clothkits had Liberty fabrics designed by Grayson Perry... GRAYSON PERRY!!!!! It was also named Eileen like my paternal grandmother and was awesome. So that ended up in my shopping basket too!
You can't deny the awesomeness of this fabric!
So my friends I am yet again looking for a Fabric buyers rehab, I am even deciding that from Monday, for the rest of the summer (until University starts again in September) For every three pieces of fabric I use I am allowed just one to replace it.
I may even get Piemaker to make me a spreadsheet to make sure I don't cheat...
Do you all have this problem?

I have a flickr group called I love my fabric. Join in and we can conquer this together!

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  1. Ooooh, I think you'll love Sewaholic's Crescent Skirt! I made 2 (used view A for both), even though I felt uncertain about whether it would be a flattering garment for me (I'm rather short and stout) --- I adore the Crescent, and it is quite flattering!!! So cute, so comfy and the pockets are absolutely awesome!

    Great new fabrics --- whenever I'm indulging in a bit too much stash enhancement, I rationalize that a girl could have far worse vices LOL!


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