Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sewalong Palooza The Final Post...

I had a thought about those sleeves. The technique is identical on the ruffles for the tunic as it is for putting the sleeves in.
Except you gather all around and hem the raw edge! No more tutorial needed!
I have some photos here just in case you need some visual.
The gathers pinned to the bottom of the sleeve. (On the inside of course)
The finished seams just before hemming.
After hemming.
So here endeth the lesson my friends... I have had a blast and I hope everyone has enjoyed the sewalong!
I posted on Sew Weekly that we should do the big reveal on Thursday to mark the end of Me Made June. So please hold off on showing us your creations on Flickr until then!
This week is a busy one for me so I may need a few days to drop off the edge of the blogging world to recover. We are moving house officially on Thursday!!! In the meantime I will be planning yet more projects and grappling with my UFO's

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  1. I have alwaya found very difficult to sew the sleeves, thanks for the tutorial


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