Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sewalong Palooza Post 2...

Today were dealing with interfacing, pattern markings, and darts.
First up is the interfacing. This is used for giving your fabric a bit of extra support and were using it on our contrast pieces.
I tend to use the Iron on variety but you can get sew in too.
Just cut your contrast pieces in interfacing the same way you did with your fabric.

Then if you have the Iron on version then... Iron away on the wrong side of the fabric.
Voila! nice neat interfaced contrast pattern pieces.
Pop these to the side and lay out your Shell pieces (The main fabric)
Now we get to the pattern markings. These are various confusing arrows and dots all over paper patterns. This was one thing I quickly learnt as a beginner. Copy EVERY dot and marking on the pattern. This may seem pointless and irritating at the start but trust me your future self will thank you.
You can use tailors chalk, or even a different colour thread to mark these. But I like to use a Frixion pen. This is a rollerball pen that disappears when heat is applied! How kool is that?
You have to be careful when your ironing but it is much easier to see your markings and you can be much more precise.
So these dots are on lots of pieces to help you match them up. Particularly on the sleeves.
Mark the size that you have cut for yourself and make sure they are nice and visible.
Next thing were going to check today is that when you cut out you marked the notches. These are little arrows in groups of one or two. If there is two make sure you cut out with two arrows showing. This will save headaches later believe me!
Now to the darts! There are only two darts on the front of the top/dress and you should have marked a triangular shape on either side. My pen is dark and won't photograph well so I've put pins where my dart marks are on my fabric.
So now we pinch in to make the dart.
Once its pinned one end should come to a point. (This is the side nearest the middle) This then needs stitching in place. At the point you need your needle to nearly come off the fabric.
Heres how mine looked once stitched.
Repeat with the second dart and then your all done for today!
Hope everyone is up to speed I would love to see some in progress photos on the flickr group!
Next post we'll be attaching the button stand and starting to sew it all together!

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  1. Hi there, I finished up my own Lisette skirt and blouse a couple of days ago. You can see it here :

    Have fun with your creations and good luck with your sewalong :O)


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