Monday, 27 June 2011

Sewalong Palooza Post 4...

OK your almost there!
Today were all about sleeves. This used to be one of my bete noire's when I was learning but once you use the right technique they are actually pretty fun!
So last thing we did was sew our side seams of the blouse to the top and finish them,
Now we need to sew down the sleeve seam and finish it off.

Make sure your notches are the same side on each piece. and by that I mean that your double notches should be on the same side and your singles on the same side. Lay your sleeves out this way so that you can see if you've done it right. (I used to get this wrong ALL the time!)

Next. Look at the armhole and find the three markings spaced evenly around the top. Put your machine onto a longer stitch (Mine was almost on 4) and run two stitches parallel to eachother either side of the markings. Make sure you don't backstitch and leave long threads at the end. Then the fun bit! Gather these bits up.

Now its time to put the sleeve into the armhole. Turn your sleeve through so you can't see your stitching.
Then slide it into the armhole so your raw edges are on the inside of the garment. I find it easier to think of it like when you open a jacket, not sure why.

Then pin the top marking to the shoulder seam of your blouse, and the bottom seam to the blouse bottom seam. Then pin under the gathering to the armhole on both sides. The underarm shouldn't be gathered it should fit fine.
Match your notches and stop pinning when you get to the gather.
This is called easing. Gather your sleeve until you can pin it to your armhole without your armhole having any puckers. The idea is to gather so the fullness will go into the armhole.
Heres a side view so you can see the bottom is straight. Once thats done sew the armhole and sleeve together. You should have something like this.
Once you do, and its all secure, pull out the stitches of gathering you made. (If you don't backstitch they come out easily. But don't worry if you did just grab your unpicker!)
I think thats probably enough for today.
For all those ladies doing the short sleeves. Just finish that seam off, add your sleeve bands, hem up and your done!
For the ladies doing the tunic. You have one more post for the ruffle on the bottom of the sleeve.
If you opted out of that. Just hem off your sleeve and bottom hem and you are done!!!!

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  1. hey hon, you are doing so well! Can not wait to see your and all those lovely followers tops too! x x x


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