Monday, 13 June 2011


Hey all!
I'm all busy busy busy starting all the home stuff but I did manage to finish a top (apart from the hem)
I've decided to call it sunny funny girl. I love the colours! Its Amy Butler fabric I bought at Sewing for Pleasure.
Photos will come soon.
for now here is MMJ Day 9-11-12-13.
I did wear handmade on the 10th but I was so busy I forgot the photo! It was a repeat of day 4 though.
Day 9
Sunny Funny Girl top and Etta Cardigan

Day 11
Etta Cardi and Jersey top (still without a name)
Day 12
Pippa Top and Skirt
Day 13
What used to be my Elie Dress. I cut it into a top and it is much more wearable and comfy now!
I have wrecked my room packing up. I am trying to psyche myself up to do some sewing today but I really should be focusing on the packing... Hmm we shall see!

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