Wednesday, 8 June 2011

MMJ Days 6, 7 and 8...

This week is busy busy. I am almost finished my essay and am going onto my exhibition review tomorrow so by the weekend I should be free!!!
Kind of. We have house viewing for the rest of the week and then its down to packing!
We are moving EVEN EARLIER than we thought now so the pressure is on!

I'm pretty much on track for me made june though which is good. I have not yet missed one day and i'm quite proud of myself. I'm gradually getting to the end of what I have made now though so its starting to be a case of re-inventing and re-working what I have in new exiting ways.
Here's days 6, 7 and 8
Day 6 was a self drafted jersey polka dot pencil skirt. This needs taking in, taking up and the waistband could do with being faced. Having said that it is soooo comfy. I've had a rough couple of days so I had a couple of trips to the doctors this week. This was a doctors and library day.
Day 7 is my favorite so far. I'm not a shorts girl but in the heat last week I went and bought some RTW shorts. I have to wear them with leggings to feel comfy but this outfit came together a treat. The top is Ada. Piemaker said I looked like a 1930s explorer. I thought of Nicole Kidman in Australia,
but I think he probably meant something like this...
Day 8 was only a quick photo so apologies for the crazy hair. I wore my Lyra dress. We had house viewing and frantic essay writing in store today.
I'm still not overly keen on this dress but it is comfy with leggings and a cardi!
Hope your enjoying MMJ!


  1. Love the shorts outfit. How can you not be keen on the last dress?!!!


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