Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Not one finished but two!...

Yay I got around to hemming the Sunny, Funny Girl top! I also sucked it up and got around to putting the loops and buttons on my Viola top (Not to be confused with my Violet top which is still on the UFO pile.)
I'm wearing SFG Today! For MMJ Day 15
Still so far so good with MMJ, I'm still wearing different things each day but I'm starting to feel sorry for my skirts! I don't wear them enough as they are a bit wintery. I think if I do Self Stitch September then I would get more wear from them. I'm in need of comfy cotton skirts to go with leggings I think!
Here is yesterday when I wore my Mona Skirt
Day 14. Yesterday I did lots of sorting out and cleaning the kitchen. Which didn't require a very exiting outfit. Not to mention watching Monarch of the Glen repeats and sewing on some little pearl buttons to Viola.
Here she is. I have to admit I haven't got the loop thing down yet. I'm going to wear it tomorrow with a white vest underneath as the upper bust pulls when the top button is done up.
I prefer it worn open anyway It isn't an uncommon problem for me with RTW tops.
It looks like there is some excess fabric that could be put into the side seam. At the moment when I move it gives me the droopy boob effect. This was only a wearable muslin though and I will wear it! I have the duck egg blue version in the process so I can be aware of it.

Don't forget to sign yourself up to the Flickr group for the Lisette Sewalong and show us your fabrics!
Hope your having a great day!


  1. Two lovely additions to your wardrobe. Your SFG top is particularly gorgeous. Congratulations on getting some sorting out in the kitchen done - a job I don't love but it has to be done!

  2. I love the way you have styled your first top with the cardi and necklace, so pretty!

  3. I love your SFG top! I also love the way you've styled it with the cardigan - definitely a fabulous ensemble :)


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