Friday, 24 June 2011

Sewalong Palooza Post 3...

OK So its neckline time.
This is probably the most time consuming part of the whole thing. I faffed with mine for ages and its still a teeny bit wonky... Shh don't tell anyone!
I decided to get creative on this one and I tried out some of the decorative stitches on my machine. I'm pleased with the result but if your going to do contrasting thread like me, note that it shows every tiny mistake.

Now before we go into the fascinating foray of the contrast bands. We must stay stitch the neckline. All this is, is a stitch running the length of the neckline. This just stops the it warping whilst were doing other things.
Now thats done, remember those pesky markings I hate doing so much? We need to find the one we marked in the middle of the bodice and match your center front band to it. Pin in place and make sure its straight. (Ahem not like moi.) This is where this is stitched with the raw edge folded under.
Heres mine looking worse than it does in real life. As I said I used a decorative stitch and I'm quite pleased with it.
Next up is the neckline band. I didn't get photos of me putting mine in (Doh) so heres the instructions, sew the shoulder seams then pin so the right sides of the contrast and shell are together. Then once thats stitched, flip it over. You can do a skinny hem if you want to but the stitching shows so you can turn and stitch as you sew it to the top.
Once thats done it should look something like this. Both edges clean as you caught the raw edge in the neckline when you flipped it over!
Once you've done that you can stitch the side seams together and its starting to look more like a top!
Next post we'll be dealing with putting in sleeves and your almost done!

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