Sunday, 26 June 2011

Me-Made Meetup!

(Just a few of us! Thanks to Suzie for the photo)

Ok so this is an interval in sewalong posts. Yesterday I met some lovely friends old an new, for the me made meetup in Brighton.
We had a fantastic time and did a bit of light fabric retail therapy followed by a fabric swap.
I'm happy to say the fabric I took to swap went to a new home where it was wanted, and the fabric I received in return was fabulous!
Heres my purchases for the first part of the day. All were from Ditto.
This is a firm cotton twill? Its a bit softer but not silky enough to be a sateen. This is going to be a burda Marie Skirt I think.
Some polkadot Jersey. I always love the remnant table and almost never buy their jersey unless its on the table.
The red bamboo jersey was also a remnant. Its normally a tenner a metre so I was pleased to pick this up!
The next lot is a Paul Smith shirting with little S' on!
Now onto the swap stuff. This is a lovely cotton sateen style fabric.
This is a slightly silky jersey, perhaps a slub?
Then there is a cotton jersey in yummy ice cream colours!
Finally I got a floral with a slight needlecord feel and stretch.
You would think that would have been more than enough right? But the day before some lovely quilting cottons came that I ordered from the U.S. about a month ago!
Jeanine Morrison's Atlas in Butter,
The next is Dena Tea garden in Oolong! (love the tea reference and the pink is amazing.)
The final one is a Joel Dewberry Deer in Barnwood. Delicious right? Looks like a 1930s feedsack print.
Now to plan all the lovely clothes to make!


  1. Oh I am so very jealous! I'm arriving in the UK a week too late!
    Looks like you found some awesome picks there.

  2. It was great to meet you Stevie!
    I hope my (formerly owned by me) sateen serves you well :)

    P.S. I wonder if that stall holder bloke sold anymore hats after he asked us to stop blocking his customers view (haha!)

  3. I love the polka dot jersey and the floral and the quilting cottons. Nothing is better than getting lots of pretty fabric.

  4. you are a true shopaholic! I hope to see some of these fabrics on your flickr sight!!


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