Thursday, 27 January 2011

Barcelona Sewing Plan

Now onto the Sewing Plan of Action for Barcelona. I have until Mid March but I do not want to be too optimistic. I'm already surprised I've finished two dresses out of my 10 garment challenge this year!

I'm having second thoughts about the Flowery Voile for the Burda 7448 Shirtdress wrap delio. I think it might look frumpy... So I don't know if I should leave that for now.

I'm thinking about whipping up a little pencil skirt with visible back zipper with the rest of the flowered tweed I have left over from my Macaron.

Another project that was on the list for holiday was the Pearl dress so that one is ticked.

I've had a few more patterns delivered too including the one for my navy inverted pleat dress. I was going to follow Tilly's example and use a red ribbon, but having seen this dress I've decided on white accents. I'm in two minds on what pattern to use too.

My Vogue Badgley Mischka easy (16 pieces!?) or go for a straight shift dress like Style 1937 (Ordered off Ebay so can't get an image) Which has a similar neckline to this?

Or Frankenstein the skirt of vogue to the top of Style and get something similar to this
Depending on time. I would also love to do my McCalls Jacket. Maybe in a camel colour but I'm not sure. It needs to be versatile. (my favourite word I know) Any fabric suggestions on that one? I'd make view A but maybe with sleeves...
OK so to clarify I want to make for Barcelona:
My Pearl Dress (M6011) FINISHED
Flowery Tweed pencil skirt with visible back zipper
Navy Dress with white accents (Vogue 1020 or Style 1937)
Camel coloured jacket (McCalls 5815 View A but with long sleeves.)
Before Mid March...
I hope that's do able.

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