Friday, 21 January 2011

Planning your sewing adventures!

Don't you love the best laid plans and all that? I have just discovered a tatty looking notebook, in which I have documented lots of ideas for various sewing ventures,
in all manner of styles and all different types of garments. laid out in a wistful and whimsical fashion!
Some have sketches or reference to films and things and some are just plain mad!
I had totally forgot I kept it but there are some good idea's in there and most are linked to patterns I own or that are in Burda (Boo to tracing)
I had planned to sit down and work out what I could make before Barcelona. But today I thought it would be fun to show you the list and my current sketch book that I had planned for this year.

List from Rogue Notebook:

Burda Coco Chanel, Parisian Chic in Green Tweed (Check, Although it was a disaster)
Light Rose Chiffon Shirt for Floating around in... (What?! I kind of get what I mean...)
70's style Corduroy Jacket (too much That 70's Show)
Replica of Ossie Clarke and Celia Birtwell's Airplane dress
Black Jersey Glitzy Dress (What I'm currently working on using McCalls M6011)
Red Satin Shirtdress (Burda 11/09 101, I believe this is full length but I don't think I wanted it to the floor)
Lady Grey in Mustard wool (PAH)
Chiffon Pussybow Blouse (Burda again)
Purple and Mustard mix Tweed Pencil Skirt (Watch Confessions of a Shopaholic for the scene with the cape)
Camel Coloured Trench Coat
Simplicity 8591 (Vintage Pattern) "Cocoa" Chocolate brown outside Dusky pink in,
Joan inspired Simplicity 8591, Iridescent pink centre and plum purple out,
Paisley cowl neck 3/4 sleeve top
Winter Cape in purple tweed
Karl Largerfeld jacket from Burda in Blue wool.

List from Current sketchbook:
Sophisticated Macaron(CHECK)
Simplicity in black glittery jersey (CHECK-ish)
Longline white shirt for wearing under dresses
Pendrell Blouse in a Ditsy Floral Voile
Burda Wrap dress in Floral Voile
Orangey mink Pencil skirt (Scarlett Johansen wore one and I loved the very specific colour)
Floral Tweed Pencil skirt
Plum Pencil skirt
Teal Sateen shirt
Badgely Mishka inverted pleat dress with white bow belt and white accents.

The problem with a lot of the stuff on this list is that Winter is practically over so a lot of these projects have to hold off until next Autumn. But it also gives me a good excuse to have a go at some spring pieces. I'd like to get a few bits done before I go to Barcelona in Mid March.

That is a pretty ambitious list but its fun to think of all the possibilities! Here is a quick shot of the M6011 dress i'm currently working on. Super fast easy peasy pattern. I've practically run it up in an afternoon!

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  1. I have that same notebook, full of sketches, notes, lists, fabric swatches, fabric suppliers, etc. I actually made a little calendar for sewing this year so I will get these things completed. I'm pretty good with finishing things as long as I have a deadline! I love your dress in the pics- such a classic. Can't wait to see it finished!!


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