Saturday, 8 January 2011

Parisian Dress... Could it be salvaged?

Apologies for the DIY Photos but I have been thinking...
The Disaster Parisian dress has been languishing at the bottom of my rail for a while and I decided that I was gutted about letting it go even though it was awful.
(Its a burda 08 pattern blogged about here and here.)
The problems was that the bust was pulling too much and the sleeve felt too small.
After calming down I realised that I hadn't sorted the ease in the sleeve at all and there is plenty of room in the bust dart to loosen it up!
The skirt is a little uneven too and In a huff I cut the skirt shorter than I normally would have
(the shortness of the skirt looks ok with tights on.)
It sounds sooo bad that it wouldnt be able to be fixed however when I pulled it around my and pinched the back I realised it would fit lovely with all those adjustments but all i'm thinking is, Is it worth it?
In other news... My boyfriend took me to a fab fabric shop in Worthing and I got some Sheer Voile fabric that I'm going to use for Burda 7448
Its nice for spring so hopefully i'll add it to my sewing list for this year! x


  1. I'd probably cut my losses, but thats just me. The voile is great, I love florals, so feminine.

  2. I would recommend finishing it. I love the pleating detail on the front of the skirt. The last picture that you have of it where you have your arm behind your back, makes it look really cute.

  3. I would finish it too! If it made you really sad to lose it, fixing it and making it fabulous would probably feel really good. Plus, that's such a gorgeous color!


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