Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Outfit Post: Ponteroma Dress

I happened to have a very lovely family and yesterday I wore one of my many presents from my Mum and Dad from Christmas. Its called the Ponteroma Dress. Its a gorgeous royal blue colour. Actually pretty much the colour I had planned for my Cynthia Rowley dress. Apologies for the rubbish Photos, one bedroom lamp doesn't make for perfect studio conditions.
The fabric belt is one of my favorite parts of this dress! It fits so nicely and is fully lined. (Granted it should have cost £100 but it was in the sale, I had been watching it for a while.)
Just swooping in to let you know I've started on the Macaron, doing the muslin so more to come.
Dress: Country Casuals (Old Lady Brand but it just means no one I know will own it!)
Cardi: Old M&S that has holes in I wear it so much (Thanks Auntie Karen!)
Necklace: No idea but I love it, goes with everything!

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  1. GORGEOUS dress! You'd never know it was from Country Casuals, it's exactly like something Joan Holloway would wear. Very flattering too. x


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