Thursday, 13 January 2011

Macaron... DONE

Well sort of. Its finished all but the hem and the neckline (no facing you see...) but Its about two sizes too big! I gave myself a deadline of yesterday because I need to start these couple of essays so for now Its staying hung on my rail.
I'm pleased with the results though! it came together lovely and quick and weirdly the teal organza fabric was much nicer to sew than the tweed which I wasn't expecting.

The difference in size is clear under the arms, First picture is not pinching it in to fit the second is.
I love the cut of this dress its really simple but lovely. The in seam pockets were a new one for me but I literally adore them!
I love a dress with pockets its my favourite thing!
Like I said I was worried about there being too much texture but I like it a lot more now its finished and on.
I don't have any dark thread for my overlocker at the moment so it is starting to fray. But I think it could look nice to cover the seams with a dark purple bias binding that match my cute little purple pockets! Other than it being two sizes too big, (my fault obviously) I have to give props to Colette patterns, Its the easiest pattern I've ever used and with one of the best final products. I've already been planning more Macaron dresses as the combinations are endless and they are so quick to whip up!
What do we think about this colour combo?
Hope you like the dress as much as I do! Its one down from my 10 garment goal this year. Somehow I think I might smash that...


  1. Great work! The macaron is a great dress. I have made one and it is a bit dressy cause the fabric is a cotton sateen so it lends itself a fancier look. I now want to make a more casual one in a floral print. Maybe with more a gathered skirt than a pleated skirt.

  2. My first reaction was - oh I know that fabric! Because I am wearing a skirt made out of the rose tweed today (hee hee hee!) and I was struck by your choice of contrast - I would never have thought of those two together! :)
    I really like your next plan too. I am scared of making dresses - your experience of Macaron is making me think it is time to try again!

  3. Very nice and different,I'd like some black velvet piping around the neckline.


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