Sunday, 30 January 2011

February Burda!

Its so hard to pick my favourites as always but I've tried to pick things i'd actually use or wear. It was focussing on the kind of latin kind of theme and this was one issue where I was dying to find out where the fabrics came from! All the florals were so fab!
I can see myself wearing this kind of dress all spring! especially white based florals!
It would also make a lovely top in a stretchy thickish jersey.
Another thing I really crave is this "Sophia Loren" style bustier top, but you would have to be careful it didn't turn out a bit too slutty especially if your on the bigger side of the bustline!
I know, I know I'm already making a Jacket but I hadn't seen this one! I love it on the cover too in floral but this check really appealed to me! The nautical theme always looks fresh and clean!
The line drawings for these dresses didn't appeal to me in the slightest, but in fabric they look really nice! I don't think it would be worth me attempting them but I was pleasantly surprised at how they looked on the body. On the plus size front, I wasn't convinced. Normally I really like this part, even though I don't count. I often find I like the plus size style more than the main magazine but they all seemed shapeless and baggy. Except for these. I prefer the stiffer fabric to add structure but i'm not sure the shoulders would flatter me.
What did you think of this Month's Burda? Any favourites or fabric suggestions?

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