Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hobbs How I adore Thee!

I have a tendency to sit on my computer browsing for patterns, fabric and dresses far too often, and I am never far away from the Hobbs website. Wildly pricey but sooo sooo beautiful! I am tempted to get a job there but I would never come out with my wages.
If you've never come across them before. Prepare to drool...

Their cut and fabrics are just impeccable they seem to fit perfect almost every time. But you do pay for it. My favourite thing from the new season is this Camouflage Dress. £130
Next is the military dress. HOW FRICKIN SWEET IS THIS?!
and the cute little Camo Blouse...
Hobbs. Please give me a job at head office with lots and lots of free clothes. I would really appreciate it, Thanks Love Stevie x

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