Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Sewing Plan: Macaron

Just a sneaky peak at my 1950's buttonholer and little pincushion bought for me by my dad for Christmas. Such a cute bit of Curios for my shelf!
So Onto the Macaron.
I wanted mine to look a bit grown up as I've seen lots in cutesy colours and cotton prints but not many that have been my kind of thing, I tend to look about 12 in cotton prints. I really liked this one by Elle.
so I went for a more muted colourscheme with a printed herringbone tweed and a flower detail organza.
I like the combination of the Teal and Caramel. Heres a closeup of the organza You can kind of see the depth of it and the herringbone in the main fabric. I'm hoping the organza won't be too itchy on the top as I'd like it to be sheer.
I've almost finished the muslin for this. Its SUPER easy to follow! I've cut out and made the majority in a day. I'm considering going down a size but I'm concerned about the bust area being too small, Its on the line of straining at the moment as it is, So I think I'll just tweak once its made and see how that goes... Heres a sneaky peak of the bodice. I'll post up the rest of the pics tomorrow. The light is rubbish in my room so daylight is needed! I look slightly like I'm wearing armour. I think an 18 may have been a bit over generous...


  1. Thanks for the blog love, Stevie! I love your fabric combo. I was thinking of doing a sheer on top, too, but didn't find one I liked. The texture on your organza is great, as is the color!


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