Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Pearl is done!

I have decided to call this dress Pearl, due to the shiny appearance and the 40's style sleeves.
This is the easiest project I think I have ever done and the material was an absolute dream to use. It was run up within a matter of hours. The pattern said to fully line but as it was jersey I didn't bother. I cut the larger sized neckline and folded over a little into the waistband and did vertical stitches on the seams to keep it in place.
I am sooo pleased with the results. Yet again I could have done with cutting the smaller size. I had to take all of it in but kept some fullness in the skirt which looks lovely.
Before resizing
Jersey is officially my friend, It doesn't fray one bit this material! I did have to put in a little dart in the shoulders so theres no peek-a-boob moments, It made this bit of bulk in the sleeves giving a bit of a 40's look which i love! but I still think i'll have to put a stitch in on my bust line to keep this baby together. My only grumble is that it is a tidgey bit shorter than it appears on the pattern, Its fine on me because i'm 5ft 4 but I would have preferred an inch or two longer and on a lovely tall lady you might want to watch it a bit but here are the final results!
If you are a beginner to sewing I recommend this McCalls M6011 pattern a hundred times over! I wish I had come across it when I was learning, and it was cheap!
This will do nicely to shove into a suitcase for Barcelona. I can stick on a cardi for daytime wanderings or a nice necklace and heels for night time!
I really can't talk this pattern up enough. Even with slight alteration in the shoulder, Its so versatile and can be run up in a few hours?! Can't get much more brilliant can you?
2 Garments down for my 10 garments in 2011 goal my friends, 8 more to go? I think I can handle that!

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  1. That's a really nice dress, the shape is so flattering and I love your fabric choice!


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